Welcome to the Bach® Remedy Chooser. Dr. Edward Bach would combine as many as 7 of his flower essences to create a personalized mix for a person’s unique situation. To find the right combination for you, ask yourself, “What am I struggling with?” or “How do I feel today?” Then tap each flower below and select statements that you feel apply to you and your situation. You can select from multiple flower categories. You may combine up to 7 Bach® flower essences into your personal blend.

US Bach Agrimony Crop 600x380
Mask worries, hold it in


Communicate Openly. Positive Potential: Encourages you to open up, face emotions freely.*

US Bach Aspen Crop 600x380
Unknown fear, anxious


Feel Secure. Positive Potential: Maintain a state of inner peace & security, regain assurance of mind.*

USBach10ml 38 600x380

Bach Flower Remedies 10mL

NEW! Non-Alcohol Tinctures. Our 38 flower essences in a smaller size & bilingual packaging.

US Bach Beech Crop 600x380
Intolerant, critical


Be More Tolerant. Positive Potential: Compassion; to see good despite imperfections.*

US Bach Centaury Crop 600x380
Subservient, weak will


Be Assertive. Positive Potential: Follow your own path, uninfluenced by others.*

US Bach Cerato Crop 600x380
Seek others’ advice, indecisive


Trust Intuition. Positive Potential: Strength of mind, trusting your own inner wisdom.*

US Bach CherryPlum Crop 600x380
Lack of control, temper

Cherry Plum

Be In Control. Positive Potential: Find clarity in chaotic moments & think rationally.*

US Bach ChestnutBud Crop 600x380
Repeat mistakes, fail to learn

Chestnut Bud

Learn From Mistakes. Positive Potential: Learn from past difficulties, gain wisdom & move forward.*

US Bach Chicory Crop 600x380
Possessive, territorial


Love Unconditionally. Positive Potential: Care for others without the expectation of reciprocity.*

741273400691 Bach Clarity of Mind Focus Kit Front 767x568 v2
Lack of clarity, lack of focus

Clarity Of Mind Focus Kit

Have Clarity Of Mind. Take a breath. Be mindful in the moment. Focus Kit of 3 remedies prepared with Dr. Bach’s original brandy-based formula.

ClarityOfMind BoxFront 568x767

Clarity Of Mind Focus Kit 10ml

NEW! Have Clarity of Mind. Be mindful in the moment. Focus kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach Clematis Crop 600x380
Spacey, daydream


Have Focus. Positive Potential: Find concentration & interest in the day-to-day.*

BR 20ml Dropper DE CrabApple 01

Crab Apple

Du bist manchmal mit Deinem Äußeren unzufrieden oder nicht selbstbewusst genug

US Bach Elm Crop 600x380
Overwhelmed, take on too much


Be Efficient. Positive Potential: Keep perspective & stay self assured when overwhelmed.*

BACHNA 3 568x767

Emotional Ups & Downs Mental Energy Kit 10ml

NEW! Restore your mental energy. Balance emotional ups & downs. Mental Energy kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

FearNoMore BoxFront 568x767

Fear No More Bravery Kit 10ml

NEW! Unleash your inner bravery. Face your fears. Bravery kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach Gentian Crop 600x380
Discouraged, doubt


Accept Setbacks. Positive Potential: Approach challenges with conviction & a clear view forward.*

GetItDone BoxFront 568x767

Get It Done Motivation Kit 10ml

NEW! Find Your Motivation. Embrace the day with positivity to get things done. Motivation kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach Gorse Crop 600x380
Hopeless, despair


Have Hope. Positive Potential: See the light through the dark. Regain faith & hope.*

US Bach Heather Crop 600x380
Talkative, self-centered


Empathize & Listen. Positive Potential: Encourage a two way dialogue; hear & be heard.*

US Bach Holly Crop 600x380
Angry, jealous


Goodwill Towards Others. Positive Potential: Open your mind to others without judgment.*

US Bach Honeysuckle Crop 600x380
Dwell on past, nostalgia


Embrace The Now. Positive Potential: Live in the present, leaving regret behind.*

741273400714 Bach Hope and Joy Comfort Kit Front 767x568 v2

Hope & Joy Comfort Kit

Find Hope & Joy. Take a breath. Be optimistic that things will work out. Comfort Kit of 3 remedies prepared with Dr. Bach’s original brandy- based formula.

HopeampJoy BoxFront 568x767

Hope & Joy Comfort Kit 10ml

NEW! Find Hope & Joy. Be optimistic that things will work out. Comfort kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach Hornbeam Crop 600x380
Procrastinate, “Monday blahs”


Procrastinate Less. Positive Potential: Face the day ahead with positivity, & without hesitation.*

US Bach Impatiens Crop 600x380
Impatient, irritable


Have Patience. Positive Potential: Think & act mindfully, without haste or irritation.*

US Bach Larch Crop 600x380
Lack confidence, low self-esteem


Have Confidence. Positive Potential: To approach situations with confidence & determination.*

US Bach Mimulus Crop 600x380
A known fear, shyness


Face Your Fears. Positive Potential: To face your fears & difficulties with courage.*

US Bach Mustard Crop 600x380
High & low states, gloom


Be Joyful. Positive Potential: To work through the occasional sudden gloom, & return to joy.*

US Bach Oak Crop 600x380
Difficulty, lack inner strength


Restore Endurance. Positive Potential: To remain strong while understanding your own limits.*

US Bach Olive Crop 600x380
Tired, lack of energy


Restore Energy. Positive Potential: To let go, allowing revitalization & restoration of mental energy.*

Bach Box Transparent

Original Flower Remedies Full Set 10ml

NEW! The complete Bach® System to support the emotional wellbeing of the entire family.* Full set of 40 non-alcohol bottles - 38 Bach® plus 2 Rescue Remedy®.

US Bach Pine Crop 600x380
Guilt, self-reproach


Have Self-Respect. Positive Potential: To accept & respect yourself as you would others.*

ReadyToGo BoxFront 568x767

Ready To Go Travel Kit 10ml

NEW! Stay calm & ready to go. Travel-sized emotional support for your journey ahead. Travel kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach RedChestnut Crop 600x380
Fear for loved ones

Red Chestnut

Peace Of Mind. Positive Potential: Peace of mind, to care for others with compassion & without worry.*

US Bach RockRose Crop 600x380
Panic, terror

Rock Rose

Have Courage. Positive Potential: To show courage & strong will, especially in the face of emergencies.*

US Bach RockWater Crop 600x380
Rigid, inflexible standards

Rock Water

Flexible Mind. Positive Potential: To have a flexible attitude when striving for goals.*

US Bach Scleranthus Crop 600x380
Moody, indecisive


Be Decisive. For those who change their mind when making decisions between two possibilities.*

US Bach StarOfBethlehem Crop 600x380
Trauma, shock

Star Of Bethlehem

Neutralize Grief. Positive Potential: Inner strength to self comfort & soothe one’s own pain & sorrows.*

US Bach SweetChestnut Crop 600x380
Anguish, limit of endurance

Sweet Chestnut

Be Optimistic. Positive Potential: Hopefulness. Regain control with peace of mind.*

US Bach Vervain Crop 600x380
Righteous, enthusiasm


Relax & Calm. Positive Potential: Serenity, wisdom & tolerance.*

US Bach Vine Crop 600x380
Bossy, dominate


Motivate Not Dominate. Positive Potential: Determination, without domination & intimidation.*

US Bach Walnut Crop 600x380
Change, outside influences


Adapt To Change. Positive Potential: Move forward & make changes in life with constancy.*

US Bach WaterViolet Crop 600x380
Loner, aloof

Water Violet

Connect With Others. Positive Potential: Nurture warmer relationships in a calm & relatable manner.*

US Bach WhiteChestnut Crop 600x380
Preoccupied, mind races

White Chestnut

Calm The Mind. Positive Potential: Tranquility & peace of mind.*

US Bach WildOat Crop 600x380
Need direction, at a crossroad

Wild Oat

Decide Your Path. Positive Potential: Find inner clarity, decide your own path.*

US Bach WildRose Crop 600x380
Apathetic, resignation

Wild Rose

Show Enthusiasm. Positive Potential: Enthusiasm & an active interest in the world & people around you.*

US Bach Willow Crop 600x380
Resentment, self-pity


Forgive & Forget. Positive Potential: Forgive & forget past injustices & enjoy life.*

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