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By your side, day and night

Whether its navigating a healthy work-life balance, the school run with early meetings or lack of sleep, life can get overwhelming.

Experts in the power of nature, RESCUE® combines a unique blend of 5 Bach Original Flower Essences. Find support and comfort in times of emotional demand, day or night. Trusted by millions of people around the world, keep RESCUE Remedy® and RESCUE Night® by your side.

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NEW Rescue Remedy® Dropper flavours.

Introducing our flavour era. NEW Rescue Remedy® Dropper flavours. Same calm feels, new delicious flavours.

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Balanced Day

Busy juggling work, family and life's other challenges? Find your balance, so you can stay on top of your day. 

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Balanced Night

Racing mind keeping you from dreaming? Switch off the distractions and awake refreshed, ready to take on tomorrow. 

Discover Rescue Night

RESCUE® fusions to support Sleep, Mood and Focus

New! Prepare for restful quality sleep, and maintaining focus, emotional balance and mood through busy days, with active fusions of natural plant-based botanicals, vitamins and Bach RESCUE® flower essences. A unique way to empower calm, night and day.

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RESCUE Remedy®

Support in times of emotional demand


Disconnect from the distractions and awake refreshed


With added B vitamins for mental performance

Rescue Plus®

Protect, soothe and hydrate dry rough skin

Rescue Cream®

The RESCUE® Story

Our RESCUE® range combines 5 Bach Original Flower Essences, discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's. The only brand with his signature of authenticity, to this day RESCUE® is still made using flowers hand-picked from his original gardens in Oxfordshire, UK.

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Our Awards & Accreditations

Glamour Power List 2022


RESCUE® Peaceful Night Capsules

2022 beauty shortlist Rescue editors choice


Category: 2022 Editor's Choice Award

RESCUE Remedy®; RESCUE Night® Liquid Melts


Rescue UK BSWA 1


Category: 'Best Flower Remedy Blend'

RESCUE Remedy® Dropper 


Rescue UK BSWA 2


Category: 'Wellbeing Editor's Choice - The Winners' 

RESCUE Night® Dropper; RESCUE Night® Spray; RESCUE Remedy® Dropper & RESCUE® Pastilles 


Rescue UK Website Awards


Category: 'Best Sleep Better Product (Supplement)' 

RESCUE Night® Dropper 

Treehugger’s Best of Green Award, Eco Pets, Best for Calming, Rescue Remedy® Pet

2019 Rescue Pet VitaminRetailer Vity

Vity Award, Pet Health Supplement Category, for Rescue Remedy® Pet

2018 Rescue TasteForLife StressRelief

October Remedies Stress Relief Award for Rescue Remedy®

2018 Rescue Pet BetterNutrition

Best of Supplements Award, Anxiety & Stress Pet Category, for Rescue Remedy® Pet

2018 Rescue Kids TasteForLife Essentials

Back-to-School Essentials Award, Stress Category, for Rescue Remedy® Kids

2018 Rescue Pet IVC

IVC Reader’s Choice Innovation Award, Behavioral Health Category, for Rescue Remedy® Pet

2018 Rescue Pet ModernDog

Modern Dog Fave Find for Rescue Remedy® Pet

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