Know Your Own Mind

US Bach Cerato Crop 600x380
Trust Intuition


Trust Intuition. Positive Potential: Strength of mind, trusting your own inner wisdom.*

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US Bach Gentian Crop 600x380
Accept setback


Accept Setbacks. Positive Potential: Approach challenges with conviction & a clear view forward.*

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US Bach Gorse Crop 600x380
Remian hopeful


Have Hope. Positive Potential: See the light through the dark. Regain faith & hope.*

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US Bach Hornbeam Crop 600x380
Seize the moment


Procrastinate Less. Positive Potential: Face the day ahead with positivity, & without hesitation.*

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US Bach Scleranthus Crop 600x380
Be Decisive


Be Decisive. For those who change their mind when making decisions between two possibilities.*

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US Bach WildOat Crop 600x380
Decide your path

Wild Oat

Decide Your Path. Positive Potential: Find inner clarity, decide your own path.*

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