Stand Your Ground

US Bach Agrimony Crop 600x380
Communicate Openly


Communicate Openly. Positive Potential: Encourages you to open up, face emotions freely.*

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US Bach Centaury Crop 600x380
Stay assertive


Be Assertive. Positive Potential: Follow your own path, uninfluenced by others.*

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US Bach Holly Crop 600x380
Goodwill towards Others


Goodwill Towards Others. Positive Potential: Open your mind to others without judgment.*

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US Bach Walnut Crop 600x380
Accept change


Adapt To Change. Positive Potential: Move forward & make changes in life with constancy.*

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Don’t be oversensitive to the influences & ideas of others. See how the 4 Bach® Original Flower Remedies in the dark green Stand Your Ground group can support you.