Live & Let Live

US Bach Beech Crop 600x380
Be Tolerant


Be More Tolerant. Positive Potential: Compassion; to see good despite imperfections.*

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US Bach Chicory Crop 600x380
Love Unconditionally


Love Unconditionally. Positive Potential: Care for others without the expectation of reciprocity.*

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US Bach RockWater Crop 600x380
Flexible Mind

Rock Water

Flexible Mind. Positive Potential: To have a flexible attitude when striving for goals.*

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US Bach Vervain Crop 600x380


Relax & Calm. Positive Potential: Serenity, wisdom & tolerance.*

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US Bach Vine Crop 600x380
Motivate and inspire


Motivate Not Dominate. Positive Potential: Determination, without domination & intimidation.*

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How do you care for yourself while caring for others? Discover the 5 blue Bach® Original Flower Remedies to support your journey to Live & Let Live.