Live The Day

US Bach ChestnutBud Crop 600x380
Repeat mistakes, fail to learn

Chestnut Bud

Learn From Mistakes. Positive Potential: Learn from past difficulties, gain wisdom & move forward.*

ClarityOfMind BoxFront 568x767

Clarity Of Mind Focus Kit 10ml

NEW! Have Clarity of Mind. Be mindful in the moment. Focus kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach Clematis Crop 600x380
Spacey, daydream


Have Focus. Positive Potential: Find concentration & interest in the day-to-day.*

BACHNA 3 568x767

Emotional Ups & Downs Mental Energy Kit 10ml

NEW! Restore your mental energy. Balance emotional ups & downs. Mental Energy kit of 3 non-alcohol remedies.*

US Bach Honeysuckle Crop 600x380
Dwell on past, nostalgia


Embrace The Now. Positive Potential: Live in the present, leaving regret behind.*

US Bach Mustard Crop 600x380
High & low states, gloom


Be Joyful. Positive Potential: To work through the occasional sudden gloom, & return to joy.*

US Bach Olive Crop 600x380
Tired, lack of energy


Restore Energy. Positive Potential: To let go, allowing revitalization & restoration of mental energy.*

US Bach WhiteChestnut Crop 600x380
Preoccupied, mind races

White Chestnut

Calm The Mind. Positive Potential: Tranquility & peace of mind.*

US Bach WildRose Crop 600x380
Apathetic, resignation

Wild Rose

Show Enthusiasm. Positive Potential: Enthusiasm & an active interest in the world & people around you.*

Be present and live your life to the fullest. Get to know the 7 Bach® Original Flower Remedies in the light green Live the Day group. Embrace today!