Find Joy & Hope

US Bach CrabApple Crop 600x380
Accept Imperfection

Crab Apple

Accept Imperfections. Positive Potential: Embrace & accept your whole body & mind.*

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US Bach Elm Crop 600x380
Be Efficient


Be Efficient. Positive Potential: Keep perspective & stay self assured when overwhelmed.*

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US Bach Larch Crop 600x380
Have Confidence


Have Confidence. Positive Potential: To approach situations with confidence & determination.*

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US Bach Oak Crop 600x380
Have Endurance


Restore Endurance. Positive Potential: To remain strong while understanding your own limits.*

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US Bach Pine Crop 600x380
Have self-respect


Have Self-Respect. Positive Potential: To accept & respect yourself as you would others.*

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US Bach StarOfBethlehem Crop 600x380
Be Comforted

Star Of Bethlehem

Neutralize Grief. Positive Potential: Inner strength to self comfort & soothe one’s own pain & sorrows.*

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US Bach SweetChestnut Crop 600x380
Remain Optimistic

Sweet Chestnut

Be Optimistic. Positive Potential: Hopefulness. Regain control with peace of mind.*

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US Bach Willow Crop 600x380
Forgive & Forget


Forgive & Forget. Positive Potential: Forgive & forget past injustices & enjoy life.*

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Get in tune with your emotions & search for positive optimism with the 8 Bach® Original Flower Remedies in the pink Find Joy & Hope group.