Face Your Fears

US Bach Aspen Crop 600x380
Feel Secure


Feel Secure. Positive Potential: Maintain a state of inner peace & security, regain assurance of mind.*

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US Bach Mimulus Crop 600x380
Face your fears


Face Your Fears. Positive Potential: To face your fears & difficulties with courage.*

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US Bach RedChestnut Crop 600x380
Peace of Mind

Red Chestnut

Peace Of Mind. Positive Potential: Peace of mind, to care for others with compassion & without worry.*

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US Bach RockRose Crop 600x380
Be fearless

Rock Rose

Have Courage. Positive Potential: To show courage & strong will, especially in the face of emergencies.*

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Manage fears & related emotions while exploring the 5 Bach® Original Flower Remedies in the orange Face Your Fears group.