RD 10ml Dropper US 01 1

Rescue Remedy® Dropper

The original dropper bottle Rescue Remedy® formula for 85+ years. More sizes available.

RescueDropper10 Glycerin FrontOfPack 620x420 v2

Rescue Remedy® Non-Alcohol Dropper

New! Our original 5-flower essence blend, now in a non-alcohol formula. More sizes available.

RD 7ml Spray US 02

Rescue Remedy® Spray

The original Rescue Remedy® in an easy non-aerosol spray. More sizes available.

RK 10ml Dropper US 01

Rescue Remedy® Kids

The original Rescue Remedy® Dropper in a child-safe formula.

30ml US Rescue Cream v2


Apply Rescue Cream® to rejuvenate stressed skin with 6 flower essences.

US RescueRemedyPet10ml BoxAndOpenBottle 600x420

Rescue Remedy® Pet

Rescue Remedy® Pet can help reduce pet stress without sedatives. More sizes available.


RESCUE® Pastilles

Savor a fruity Rescue® Pastille in a click-shut tin. More flavors available.

741273403166 RescuePlus MoodStressGummy 600x420

Rescue Plus® Mood & Stress Support Gummy

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | NEW! Support a sense of calm with key botanicals & nutrients.

Liquid Melts US Day 01

RESCUE® Pearls

Rescue® Pearls liquid melts release one dose of Rescue Remedy®.

RescuePlusGum Front 640x420

Rescue Plus® Gum

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT | Soothe tension with our L-Theanine & Vitamin B5 fresh mint gum.