1 Nelsons, Sept 2023. RESCUE® is the most widely distributed natural stress & sleep brand worldwide. Data on file.

Developed by a doctor more than 85 years ago, homeopathic Rescue Remedy® was formulated to help you stress less, stay calm and in control.* Rescue® is the world’s #1 natural stress and sleep support brand1 and one of Nelsons’ most popular Bach® flower remedies.

A blend of five individual Bach®* flower essences, the original Rescue Remedy® in the iconic little yellow bottle has provided gentle, non-habit forming stress relief to millions around the world for generations.

From the original Rescue Remedy® droppers and sprays, to pastilles and liquid melts, there is a discreet and convenient Rescue® product to have on hand, no matter where stress finds you.

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History Of Rescue®

The system of plant and flower-based essences was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who was convinced that emotional wellbeing was key to overall health.

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How Rescue® Is Made

The flower essences are still sourced from plants grown at Dr. Bach’s former home in Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire. They are then sent to London where they are diluted and bottled to the highest quality standards.

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The Connection to Bach®

Dr. Edward Bach selected five Bach® flower essences for his Rescue Remedy® formula. The Bach® flower remedies are a gentle system that capture the essence of flowers.

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Sustainability & Our Planet

Rescue Remedy® was founded on the simple idea that ingredients born from nature can be incredibly powerful in supporting our emotional wellbeing, which is key to our overall health.

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