Everyday stressful moments happen, well, everyday. The Rescue® brand has been helping people stay calm & collected through those everyday stresses for 88 years.1,*

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Stress Relief

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“For millions of people worldwide, Rescue Remedy has become an emotional ally — restoring a sense of inner calm when everything seems to be toppling down around them.” – Carly H., Registered Bach Practitioner

Stress Relief For Pets

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Sleep Aid

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What some celebrities have said about using Rescue® products...

“To calm nerves I take a few drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, made with relaxing flower essences.”
–Andrea Genti, photographer and frequent flier, in Condé Nast Traveler

“I use Bach Rescue Remedy to combat any holiday stress. It’s a vial of different flower extracts. I put a drop under my tongue and it calms me.” –Jennie Garth, actress, in US Weekly

“Rescue Remedy by Bach is a homeopathic spray that instantly calms you down when you’re stressed out.” –Jennifer Meyer, jewelry designer and mom, in Instyle Magazine

“I always have Rescue Remedy with me in my purse in case one of my kids falls or is just having a tough day.” –Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and mom, on Goop.com

“It balances the part of the brain that regulates mood and stress. We use it all the time. This is the Oz family secret.” –Dr. Oz, TV personality, dad, surgeon, on The Dr. Oz Show

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