Enjoy December savings on Rescue® stress relief products, sleep aids & dietary supplements

For adults, children & pets! Find deals in store, online & on Instacart where available.

Up to 15% off select Rescue products (ends Dec 18)

Natural Co-op Grocers (NCG)
Buy 2 Rescue Pastilles for $ 13 (ends Dec 19)

Sprouts Farmers Market
Buy 2 Rescue Pastilles for $ 15 (ends Dec 27)

Sprouts Farmers Market
New Rescue Plus Mood & Stress Gummy and Stress & Sleep Gummy on sale at $ 19.99 each (ends Dec 27)

Note that product availability, prices & special promotions may vary. Please check with the store or website directly for the most up-to-date information on Rescue® products for adults, kids & pets.

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