Nelsons® Arnicare® is a range of products carefully prepared from the alpine plant ‎Arnica montana.

Used by millions worldwide, Arnica montana has been recognised for ‎its invaluable natural properties since the 16th century.

Nelsons® Arnicare® Arnica Cream is a homeopathic product for the relief of bruises. It's perfect for your skin after a knock or bump, and as a first-aid essential for parents of kids who come home with bumps & bruises. Our Nelsons® Arnicare® Arnica Cooling Gel also combines the benefits of Arnica montana with the zesty sensation of natural grapefruit oil and menthol to cool, soothe and refresh the skin after a strenuous day of activities.

Arnicare® is part of the family-owned business A Nelson & Co Limited (Nelsons), which has inspired generations to live healthier, happier lives since 1860. It is one of Europe’s longest-established manufacturers of natural healthcare products, with the homeopathic pharmacy still on the same street in Mayfair, London, over 160 years later.

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